It has been scientifically proven that OPPOSITE DO NOT ATTRACT!

As shocked as you might be, you’re not the only one who fell for this trap. Indeed, scientific study has shown that similarity is the factor affecting attraction between two individuals, not differences.


So, what is similarity?

>> You and your best friend jamming to the same music- That’s similarity!

>> You and your mom having that same thin nose, and you and your dad sharing those same green eyes- That’s similarity!

>> Your and your friend’s answer to “who’s the greatest singer of all time?” being “Beyonce”- That’s similarity!


Studies show that people often find themselves more attracted to others with similar characteristics including:

  • Age

  • Religion

  • Intelligence

  • Political orientation 

  • Etc


Scientifically, similarity is of two types:

Similarity → Actual

          → Perceived


Actual similarity → Having a lot in common with someone in reality.

Perceived similarity → Believing that you have a lot in common with someone


Both of these types of similarity have shown great importance in the phenomenon of attraction between two individuals. While actual similarity is seen to have a greater role when it comes to meeting unknown people, perceived similarity is essentially more important in the long run. 


This is proven by researchers Nathan Hudson and Chris Fraley, who conducted a study on whether couples with similarities (based on personality) are happier/ more satisfied in their relationships than those with dissimilarities. (To view the procedure of the study, scroll to the bottom of the page).


The results of the study showed that perceived similarity in a relationship played a major role in the level of happiness/ satisfaction of the relationship, regardless of the actual similarity.

Made by- Vaishnavi Kumar

So in case your date ditches you this Valentine’s Day,, you can always go home and spend time with the mirror. After all, no one is more similar to you than yourself!


Do you think “Opposites attract”?→ If yes, then that’s probably why your valentine didn’t show up on your valentine’s day date.


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