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Being confined at home, or any place for that matter, can get frustrating and lead to agitation. Can you share how people can manage their stress during times like these? 


For stress management, the Gov. of Karnataka has given a lot of helpline numbers to hospitals where psychiatrists are available for doing free service. So, you can call them and take psychological support. And also, companies like us have tie-ups with some private companies who give psychological support. If you're bored and don't know what to, just call someone and talk to them as a friend. Though we say “social distancing”, it is not. It is a physical distance with social connection. So always have a connection with the family if you’re far away. Talk to them, video call, whatsapp them. This is the first time we’re encouraging people to use facebook and whatsapp to be in touch with all these people. Be connected.

Since most of us are stuck in the confines of our homes, there are few ways we can tend to our fitness. When we’re sitting at home all day, we tend to make several untimely trips to the kitchen. How do you suggest we control our compulsive eating habits, incorporate healthy food in our diets and exercise well at home? 


Fixing a daily routine is very important. You know what to do at what time, so you can stick to a regime. Most people are working from home. It is not a complete holiday, so they have been taken care of. But, it is difficult for people who are not into active work. For quarantined people, it is hard on them. What we advise them is: have a routine. Do simple exercises that are available on TV, do simple walking inside the room for 30 minutes. But more importantly, they should have a healthy diet. They should have healthy, well cooked food. Preferably drink only hot water because you have to take care of your throat as well. They have to be very strict with their diet: no junk food or ice creams. We also teach them a few exercises. Of course, there are many channels such as Tata Sky available for them to do some simple exercises. For yoga, we tell them not to do it for the first time by just watching TV because you should always learn from a teacher first. If there is a problem, nobody can come and help you.


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